Drake & Madison an Integrated Services Consulting Corporation


As principal of Drake & Madison Corporation, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce my company and present you with a better way of successfully executing and completing your capital projects.  Our expertise and core competency is managing the processes and details of planning, starting and completing your projects on time and on budget.

At Drake and Madison, each client relationship begins with a clear understanding of the client’s vision and specific needs.  Drawing on over 20 years of experience and meticulous attention to details the end result is a high quality product that will meet or exceed the expectations of each client.

Drake and Madison uses a unique integrated services approach and provides a single source management and oversight accountability of your project. 

We do the heavy lifting of managing every aspect and detail of the project so that our clients don’t have to!

Integrated services are customized for each client program and include:

·         Design Team and Contractor Selection

·         Contract Negotiation

·         Design Planning and Management

·         Design Time Line and Scheduling

·         Program Management

·         Construction Estimation

·         Zoning and Permitting

·         Design Team and Contractor Management

·         Project Status Reporting

·         Client Reporting and Coordination

·         Construction Management including budget, schedule and quality management

·         Program Management including lender funds requisitions





Whether the project is new construction, a renovation or a redevelopment, we are well prepared to handle the project needs of our clients. Our list of projects varies in size and value and includes:

·         Commercial

·         Retail

·         Residential

·         Hospital

·         Education

·        Government (Municipal, State, Federal)

·         Airport

·         Retirement communities

 Our expertise and oversight management ensures that our clients make the wisest and most cost effective decisions that result in a successful project. It also makes certain that control of the project remains in the hands of the client!